Yesterday I dropped a glass of some shit liquid on my keyboard. At first sight everything was okay: after thorough drying, wiping and shaking the keyboard looked work. And nothing foretold troubles...

However, when I waked up and got on the my Mac, I noticed that main part of buttons was stuck and space button wasn’t working totally. I made what desperate attempt to cleaned up at least space button... I started messing around with buttons and finally found faulty bracket under button. My gosh! I had nothing left but throw away it.

Nice, but what’s next? I still need to work! Yes, I have the laptop, but 27» and 15» not the same, right? I understood I need the new keyboard. I’m taking my bike, and ran as crazy horse to nearest mall and buying new keyboard. Previous keyboard was short Magic Keyboard, but now I wanted to buy Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (more widely than previous one). No sooner said than done. I bought a new keyboard and ran like hell back home.

Two hours later I understood to accustom new device is not easy, you know... Let me show you:

Previous wonderful life. My position was symmetrical towards the screen and keyboard, right? I’ve sat straight and everything was alright!

Now I have to moved the mouse to the right because new keyboard upsets the balance!

Or I have to moved the keyboard to the left, but in that case my hands won’t be symmetrical towards the main axis! And it’s sad :-(

Well, hopefully it wouldn’t take me too long to accustom...

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