Hey guys!

Yes, I’m writing in English cause my teacher Irina gave me such a home task. And I apologize in advance for grammatical and syntactical and the Devil knows which kind of other mistakes, but I must try lol.

So, I have visited Malta not long ago. And now I’m going to give you some piece of information about that place. Let’s start with some general knowledge... Malta is a Mediterranean island located close to Italy. There is a point, that ’Malta’ means ’honey’ in ancient Greek. The main language is English and as I’ve read before the best schools for learning English are there.

Okay, I was there only for one week, but I guess I have got acquainted with this country quite well. I lived in Saint Julien (not a large district on the East side of the island) in a simple hotel near the harbor and my ordinary day there looked like that: I woke up about 7 am, then I walked to a coworking station Soho to stay there till 6pm (cause all the time I had to work hard, considering that there wasn’t WiFi in my cheap apartment).

Every day after work I had several hours to enjoy new locations, which I discovered regularly. I started my acquaintance from a capital of the country — Valetta. Fortunately, my residence was not too far from that city.

Actually, I can’t say a ’city’... all cities on Malta look like districts in Moscow (perhaps even less). So it’s funny to name them real ’cities’.

Valetta is awesome! Old architecture coexists with modern shapes.

Wow, these guys know how it works:


Some wonderful modern buildings against the ancient wall:

After scouring the city, I took a little detour to visit that exactly exhibition of a local artist.

I was fascinated:

The next place I visited was a famous viewpoint of Valetta. There is a grand view of Malta from there:

I spent subsequent days on walking along narrow and old-fashioned streets and beach promenades of Saint Julien.

I remember the evenings specially, when all lights and lanterns came up and people were going to the restaurants and cosy cafes to dinner, chat and dance. That silent sleepy coast is beginning to revive.

Yeah... I was alone — is it so to say sad... Next time I would take someone with me to share my feeling with someone else.

(Too short and confusing, well sorry. My next story will be stronger and more informative lol)

Updated: the whole text was checked by Irina ha-ha-ha!

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Julia Mochalova

Hey Maks!
Thank you for such a nice (but unfortunately quite small) tour of Malta! Hope next time you will prepare more detailed description of your trip :D. Will wait for it!

About photos ~~ the combination of ancient architecture and modern elements looks gorgeous!

What about food? Did you get a new gastronomic experience? What was the most delicious of the local cuisine?

Максим Кучер

Reply in next post )

Petr Kolesnikov

And now in French please, special for me?!)

Максим Кучер

Well. I know only ’месье, жё не манеж па сис жур’ in Russian transcription. Sorry, bro...